FreshBand Featuring Tony Mack

FreshBand Featuring Tony Mack

Look out… here comes FreshBand featuring Tony Mack!

Since their dazzling debut in the 1980s with the infectious hit single “ComeBack Lover,” FreshBand has been captivating fans worldwide with their groovy tunes. This iconic track, which hit the airwaves through Are-N-Be Records, wasn’t just any song—it was the anthem that solidified FreshBand’s status as dance music royalty.

And believe it or not, “ComeBack Lover” is still setting dance floors ablaze, even after all these years. Co-founders, the musical masterminds Producer Darryl Gibbs and Tony Mack, have turned up the volume, thrusting FreshBand back into the limelight for a brand-new generation to vibe to. With catchy successors like “Where is Love” and “A Woman Who Knows,” FreshBand featuring Tony Mack is seamlessly blending nostalgic beats with fresh sounds, dishing out irresistible tunes that resonate with everyone.

Their debut album wasn’t just a compilation of hits—it was a magical journey through jazz with tracks like “Trezure the luv…”, soul-stirring ballads such as “Since I,” and the funky groove of “I.C.U.” This universal music groove has captured the hearts of listeners from France to Brazil, Portugal to Spain, the UK, and beyond. Regardless of your location on the map, the love for FreshBand transcends borders.

But wait, there’s more to come—this party is far from over. A new album is currently in the works, with the Trezure Roxx crew carefully selecting tracks that promise to keep us grooving “All day, all night.”

The FreshBand saga is still unfolding, promising more music magic in the future.

The beat goes on, and the legacy continues… are you ready to join the groove?